Health Insurance , Sacramento CA : The real way the American Health Insurance system works!!

A video showing how “Good” our health care system is, so say the republicans and some democratics who want to kill health care reform in this country. “Health care reform will ration our health and we will only be able to go to the doctors that government officals tell us to go and wait years for an operation!

Health Insurance , Sacramento CA : Obama’s Health Care Law Explained

The Supreme Court is debating the Obama administration’s overhaul of the nation’s health care system. The AP’s Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar explains that under the law, taxpayers who don’t purchase insurance will pay a penalty on taxes due in 2015. (March 26)

Health Insurance , Sacramento CA : Health Reform Explained

Health care reform explained in “Health Reform Hits Main Street.”
Confused about how the new health care reform law really works? This short, animated movie — featuring the “YouToons” — explains the problems with the current health care system, the changes that are happening now,